Our #LJFans are the best in the world, that much is clear. We are therefore overwhelmed by the many enthusiastic candidates who want to become our LJ Superfan! Registration is no longer possible. We have received over 600 registrations and our team is currently busy selecting 100 candidates who will advance to the second round.
Just a little more patience
Are you eager to find out if you are among the final 100 candidates? We understand! We are therefore eager to announce the 100 #LJFans who are still in the running on Wednesday, February 10. Those 100 final candidates will have to post a photo in which we are tagged. Of course, the hashtags #LJSUPERFAN, #ProselectedbyLJ and #LJLeathers will be used to convince everyone that they are the biggest LJ fan!
The final countdown
From these 100 entries, the final 25 finalists will then be chosen. These finalists will be announced on March 1st. The candidates who are still in the running, will have to do their utmost in a short video to convince not only the LJ team, but also all other LJ Fans. On March 15, we will know our ultimate winner!

25 finalists

Is your name in the list?
1Caro Hermans
2Albert Koobs
3Celine Verbeke
4Meike Cuypeers
5Morgane Haeck
6Milan Sels
7Loraine Lodder
8Leslie Goethals
9Sophia Leo
10Laure Tijskens
11Kevin van Ham
12Yari de Broeyer
13Indy van Vijfeijken
14Julie Raymaekers
15Allan Nassiri
16Lotte Cuypers
17Brinthe Burke
18Aline Alekseeva
19Vanessa van Heesbeen
20Siriana Fonte
21Lea Hein
22Laura Alix
23Julie Meheus
24Florence Radigues
25Brittany Clabots