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Improve your equestrian groundwork! FULL JUMP ASSIST to the rescue

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20 Apr

You can call it revolutionary but the new  FULL JUMP ASSIST  was designed with one basic principle: “Keep it simple.” This new aid is developed by top trainer Jan Symons. But when to use this aid?

All questions answered !  

Groundwork and dressage trainings are very important for the development of your horse, for both jumping and dressage horses. As a rider the aim is to keep your horse balanced, while the connectivity between horse and rider improves.

The FULL JUMP ASSIST by Jan Symons helps to optimize your horses’ groundwork, by relaxing the horse and stimulating a better connectivity and use of the back. Also for young horses the FULL JUMP ASSIST is a safe aid to use and improve the training.

The extra security helps to emphasize the leg to hand work, without the danger of hyperflexion. So keep it simple, enjoy a safe full control with your horse.

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